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iPad app for Reform prayer book is launched

BOSTON (JTA) -- The iPad app for the Mishkan T'filah, the Reform movement's daily prayer book, was launched.

The new application, which costs less than $5, was launched at the annual gathering of the Central Conference of American Rabbis that began Sunday in Boston. More than 500 rabbis from North America, Israel and Europe are attending the three-day conference for professional development and Torah text study.

i'T'filah is the first non-Orthodox electronic prayerbook, according to Rabbi Hara Person, publisher of CCAR Press, which produced the app. By the end of this week, the audio component will be available, which will allow users to hear the prayers in chant form. Complete article

CU Mikvah Forum: Lend Your Voice (and ears!)

A mikvah in Champaign-Urbana?  Where?  When?  Why?  Find out more information about the plan and more information in general about mikvahs. Or make a donation in support of the mikvah. More info

Finally! An Index for the Talmud

After 1,500 Years, an Index to the Talmud’s Labyrinths, With Roots in the Bronx

The Talmud is a formidable body of work: 63 volumes of rabbinical discourse and disputation that form Judaism’s central scripture after the Torah. It has been around for 1,500 years and is studied every day by tens of thousands of Jews. But trying to navigate through its coiling labyrinth can be enormously difficult because the one thing this monumental work lacks is a widely accepted and accessible index.

But now that breach has been filled, or so claims the publisher of HaMafteach, or the Key, a guide to the Talmud, available in English and Hebrew. It was compiled not by a white-bearded sage, but by a courtly, clean-shaven, tennis-playing immigration lawyer from the Bronx. Full NYT Article


In Judaism the act of eating is a way of nourishing our bodies as well as our souls.  Foods are important symbols and reminders of the meanings of life cycles and holidays.  Food is an integral part of Jewish life and celebration, handed down from generation to generation.  We hope to share with you on this website recipes from our Jewish community to nourish the body and spirit.

Submit your recipe to  Please include your name, a brief story or history of the recipe if you wish, and a picture if you have one available, and the recipe.

Click here for our listing of recipes

Conversion 101

Becoming a Jew is not just a one-time declaration of faith but rather an evolutionary process that culminates in the adoption of a new cultural, national, and even historical identity. Conversion to Judaism requires serious study, active participation in Jewish holiday and lifecycle events, and, finally, a commitment to Jewish practice that is actualized by a rabbinically prescribed ritual. Full article

    Multiyear Jewish Holiday Calendar

    For more information on services and dates for major holidays, including a downloadable pdf with dates through 2019, visit our Worship Schedule & Multi Year Jewish Holiday Calendar page

      Sh'ma and the Berman Jewish Policy Archive Launch Free, Online Archive Featuring 41 Years of Jewish Commentary

      The complete 41-year archive of the journal Sh'ma is available online searchable, and free at The digital collection, launched jointly by Sh'ma and the Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner, features the work of a vast array of Jewish leading intellectuals, including rabbis, scholars, educators, and lay leaders. The archive traces the evolution of Jewish communal thought over four decades and serves as a public record of the major Jewish communal discussions and debates that have taken place since 1970. The collection contains more than 600 complete issues of the journal and nearly 3,000 individual articles; and it includes the voices of some 2,000 writers.

          Have you ever had a question you always wanted to ask a Rabbi?  Want a better understanding of Torah or traditions?  This is the place to ask your questions.  Learn what the Rabbis in our community have to say. 

          We'll be posing one question a month to our local Rabbis.  Email your questions to

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