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Shalom-CU's Greatest Hits

We have had the new CU Jewish Federation website up for a little over a year. In that time there have been almost 21,000 page views on the website. And it’s been interesting to look back and see what people in the community find the most interesting.

1.      Home Page
2.      E-cards
3.      Dan Shapiro
4.      Community Directory
5.      Calendar
6.      News Home Page
7.      American Jewish Heritage Home Page
8.      Holocaust Education
9.      2011 Annual Dinner
10.     CU Jewish Endowment
11.     Programs and Services
12.     Passover
13.     Board Of Directors And Staff
14.     Simchas
15.     Donations
16.     Rosh Hashanah
17.     Worship Schedule and Multi Year Holiday Calendar
18.     The Learning Page
19.     Jewish Summer Camps
20.     Jewish Life
21.     Israel/World Jewry
22.     Photo Gallery
23.     Young Families
24.     Volunteer Opportunities
25.     Midwest Overnight Camps Attended By CU Area Youth

As you can see from the list above it covers a little bit of everything which isn’t surprising since CU has a such diverse population. People are finding information that makes them feel good (Dan Shapiro - local boy does well), and having fun sending e-cards and reading about Simchas.  We are providing access to education such as on the holiday pages and the Holocaust pages.  People have been finding out more about the activities of their local Jewish Federation and those involved (Board of Directors, Programs and Services)

Obviously community events are high on people’s priority list. With the Calendar and Community Directory both in the top five most visited pages. But it’s not just local events that CU residents are interested in. The JFNA provides us with a daily updated news feed.  We've also listed and linked to many Jewish news pages.  This is making our top 10.   The website makes it a one stop place to look for news affecting Jews. 

Two of the Jewish Summer camp pages are in the top 25. The landing page and the detail page listing all the camps.  The internet is where camp families do their research.  We are providing a comprehensive camp section to assist all prospective and current camp families.

Donations, CU Jewish Endowment and volunteer opportunities are in the top 25.  People viewing the site are not just looking for information, but also looking to give!

Photos:  Relive the fun or see what you missed.  CUJF community wide activities are the place to be, and our community is checking out the pictures.

Is there information you would like to see on the website that we don’t currently have? Let us know.


Dan Shapiro

Community Directory


Programs and Services

2011 Annual Dinner

Holocaust Education



American Jewish Heritage

CU Jewish Endowment