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"Why Should I Care About Israel" essay contest entrants 2012

Why should I care about Israel?
(5 yrs old)

I care about Israel because it is where our religion came from. We pray the direction that Israel is, so it is always in our heart.
Another reason that I care about Israel is that it’s the only Jewish country in the world. I think it’s good to have a country with lots of Jews in it.
God is the only god. Israel is a gift from God. And will never be anything else.
I care about Israel because I have cousins that live there. They are nice to have in Israel.
Israel is a holy country!

Why should I care about Israel?
(6 yrs old)

Because some Jewish people don’t have a home and they need help.  Some people don’t have a lot of money so they sometimes can’t get food at all!  And sometimes no one can really help them.  People need a home.  People need Israel.

The End

Why should I care about Israel?
(12 years old)

Israel is not just a place on a map.  What is important to me about Israel is the idea behind Israel.  I care about Israel because Israel represents the Jewish homeland, the one place on earth where you can go and feel like, “Wow, this is where cool Torah so and so happened” and this is where I am from.

Take the Western Wall for example.  Countless numbers of Jews have been there and each and everyone of them has left their mark on it.  I have also left my thoughts in its cracks.  I did not personally put my paper in the wall.  Israeli staff from my camp took all our notes home to put in the wall.

The ancient Jews began this great chain of history and I am one fo the links.  To me this is amazing.

I care about what I am part of and I and every other Jew are part of Israel and Israel is a part of us.

Why Should We Care About Israel???
(10 yrs old)

We should care about Israel because. .  .
 Israel is a significant place in a Jew’s life. Many Jewish stories like the Passover story mention Israel, the land of milk & honey.  To me, it is as if, even though I live in Champaign, Illinois, my true home would be, and always will be in Israel.
When I think about Israel, I think about a place where I belong. Not just some place that the Jews arrived at after 40 years of wandering in the desert, but a place where no person or thing doesn’t belong. Then I think about everyone who has already gone to Israel or is still there. How lucky they are to be able to go to Israel, see the Western Wall, and explore the home of our people. When I think of Israel I think of those places that they would go and that someday, somehow, I will go too!

 Also, did you know that the Israelis invented one of the most used electronics in the world!!?? Well, they did. They invented the cell phone. More than ¾ of the people in the world own a cell phone. Bring a little picture up in your head. How many texts do people send on their phones a day? How many calls on their phones do they make? Some people spent more time on their phones than they spend with other people!
 In conclusion, think of how as Jews, Israel should be especially important to us because of our religious connection with Israel. The fact that Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, Rachel, & Leah all lived in Israel or Canaan as it was at that time, should be enough to make Israel important. Dayenu!!!

Why Should We Care About Israel
(13 yrs old)

Situated at the far end of the Mediterranean and nestled between Arab countries in the Middle East, Israel is one of the world’s smaller countries. Yet that does not make it any less significant, with many of the world’s events having roots in Israel. So why should we care about Israel? That is, any more than we care, to some extent, about any place in the world? What makes Israel any more significant than Thailand, or Canada? Both of these countries have some impact on the world, yet does that make them especially important to us?

 What sets Israel apart from other countries is that it is the Jewish homeland, where we can go, under the law of return, if some disaster were to occur. During the Holocaust many nations imposed quotas on the amount of Jews allowed in. If Israel had been around back then, then all of those Jews who were turned back by the harbors of the world guided by anti-Semitism could have found a refuge instead of being sent back to Germany.
 Israel is a holy land in Judaism, and much of the narrative aspect of the Torah centers around it.  Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob live in what was to become Israel. Moses travels with the Israelites back to Israel. The Israelites lived there for generations until they were scattered from Israel by the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Romans. So Israel is definitely important in Judaism.

 Throughout the ages of the diaspora, Jews have wanted to go back to Israel. Now that this opportunity exists, we should appreciate it and the fragility of its existence.